Under Armour Curry Two Launch

Dub Nation, the loudest fans in the NBA welcomed back their champion and reigning MVP Stephen Curry with the loudest shoe launch in history.

In collaboration with Foot Locker, Under Armour wanted to launch the fan-inspired Curry Two in a way that celebrated Dub Nation and the impact they had on the shoe design.

To dedicate the Curry Two the loudest fans in the NBA, we built an experience that was directly powered by the roar and sound of Dub Nation.

We did this by creating a sound-responsive light meter on center court that reacted to the hyper roar of the crowd. The goal was to get Dub Nation to be their loudest ever, and once the sound meter hit full apex, the Curry Two was unveiled. In support of the crowd, we added in a projection mapping component of thousands of socially submitted videos.

In the end, the challenge to Dub Nation was met and the Curry Two Shoe was launched making it the loudest shoe launch in history.