"'Twas the Flight Before Christmas" A Virtual Reality Journey  

A Virtual Reality Journey Updates a Holiday classic.

Problem: Driving store traffic through a department store Santa has been around for over 100 years, JCP needed a fresh approach to drive traffic in the holiday season.

The Solution: A VR immersive gamified journey to meet Santa at his North Pole Head Quarters.

We worked with the agency Narrative and ReelFX to create a VR installation that transported Mall-goers to the North Pole (virtually, of course.) Riders were fully immersed in the arctic world via haptic technology– cold gusts of air rushed past their feet as they landed on the snow.

Once viewers arrived in the North Pole, they had to choose from a myriad of doors which all had a unique North Pole experience awaiting them (all vignettes directed by SNL Alum, Tom Schiller. ) Through the experience, each viewer received a virtual gift from Santa, and once they travelled back to the physical world, to their surprise, that exact gift had travelled back with them. This gift was then redeemable just steps away, helping to driving traffic to JCP this Holiday Season.