The Money Tree Social Innovation Project

The Money Tree Project is a conceptual art installation that will use money donated to play an active role in the curation of the project itself. The Money Tree will be hand-built out of wood and placed in a museum/gallery.

The project will start with a completely empty/leafless tree that will encourage individuals to fill leaf slots with dollar bills. Each dollar raised will be folded into a leaf and placed onto the sculpted tree. Once the Money Tree is filled and reaches “full bloom”, the project will have reached its goal and all money will be donated to The Tree Trust of The Central Park Conservancy.

During the span of the project itself we will film the tree as it slowly blooms. Once complete, a beautiful timelapse film will be used to raise further awareness and encourage more donations to the Conservancy.

Your donation will go towards the support and care of Central Park’s 26,000 trees. All contributions to the Tree Trust will be placed in an endowment for existing trees and to fund the planting of new trees.