Coldplay Global Concert Event

We worked directly with Coldplay to pull off a live, fully immersive, music experience which was broadcast all around the world. This global concert event broke the YouTube Live-Stream viewership record at 20 Million and crashed both YouTube and Twitter in the process.

Social elements were getting our global audience to effect stage content and stage design. Through a custom microsite, fans were able to create customized animated graffiti butterflies. They could customize, control the speed and personalize each of them. 

When finished the butterflies were collected and distributed via Facebook. During the performance of the hit single Paradise, the butterflies were unleashed in a crowd-sourced multiscreen video. Fans everywhere watched as butterflies from around the world filled the stage and lit up the Spanish sky.

For the first time ever, the concert streamed not only on YouTube, but in banners, GoogleTV and on a multi-screen experience in Times Square. To date, the Coldplay show stands as the largest single artist live-stream in YouTube history. 

Credit: Creative Director, Art Director